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Extra-Wide LCD Display
Displays large, clear characters, easy-to-read at a glance

Flash Warning System
Flashing numbers alert you to readings indicating hypertension

Weekly/Monthly Trend Graph Display
Color display shows blood pressure trends over the course of a week or month

AM/PM Average Systolic Comparison
Unit detects high-risk "early hypertension" by showing average reading for AM and PM

Arm Positioning Guide
A display on the unit helps guide your arm to the optimum position for more consistently accurate readings

Memory up to 270 readings with averaging feature

One-Touch Auto Inflate
Is easy to use to allow the cuff to comfortably fit your arm

Body Movement Detection
Accurate measurement requires correct cuff placement and keeping your arm or wrist still. Panasonic's Body Movement Sensor detects arm or wrist motion and alerts you when another reading is necessary.

Storage Case & "AAA" Alkaline Batteries Included

24-Hour Customer Service Hotline

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