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  •      2500W
  •      6.0L Dust Bag Capacity
  •      Washable Cloth Dust Bag
  •      Metal Telescopic Extension Wand
  •      3D-EZ Nozzle
  •      HEPA Filter
  •      Made in Japan

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3D-EZ Nozzle

Vacuum dust is removed with one step on the pedal.
All your cleaning becomes stress free.
The HEPA Filter

Air passes upward through the DOMED shape Exhaust System equipped with a HEPA filter to provide clean, fresh air.

Quiet Structure

Sound absorbing insulation around the motor added with the long path of the exhaust flow creates lower noise than conventional models. A pleasant quietness is achieved.

Friendly design that's easy to use

The scratch resistant material on the solid floor roller and the soft bumper around the body helps prevents scuff on furniture and floors. The gentle softness on the handle allows a better grip when using or carrying your vacuum.

Durable, stainless steel bottom plate

The durable plate of the vacuum, with the floor brush in front collecting the dust and the wiper blade equipped behind preventing dust trails, is non magnetic, "304" stainless steel metal and will not rust nor damage while effectively cleaning hard floors.

Foot Operated

The on/off switch, chord retraction, sliding power level and nozzle removal are all smoothly operated by foot so it's bend free!

Long reaching

The hose and extendable chord and wand are longer than conventional models and can clean from one end od the room to the other without changes outlets.
6.0 L Big Capacity & Washable Dust Bag

The 6.0 L Big Capacity reduces the unpleasantness of multiple dust disposals and can be washed easily for better, hygienic cleaning.

Magic Telescopic Wand

The long, metal telescopic wand can be adjusted easily to a comfortable length to meet all your cleaning needs and store compactly.

Saber Handle with Attachment

The new, ergonomic Saber handle with the dusting brush and crevice nozzle provides smoother maneuverability.
Variable Power Control

Variable power control enables multi-purpose cleaning.

Buy on JOD: 325.00

Input Power(Max.)     2500 W
Dust Bag Capacity     6.0 L
Washable Cloth Dust Bag     Y
Power Control     Variable
Extension Wand     Metal Telescopic
Handle     New Saber Handle
Floor Nozzle     3D-EZ Nozzle
Weight (with accessories)     -
Colour     Red
Filter     Anti-Bacteria HEPA Filter
Blower Operation     Y
Quiet-running Body Structure (JIS Standard)     60 db
Full Dust Indicator     -
Accessories     4 (Crevice/Upholstery/EZ crevice/EZ Upholstery)
Stand-by Strage     Y
Park-Position Stand     Y
Hose     Durable Hose
Country of Origin     Made in Japan

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