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  • Anti-bacteria Filter
  • Quiet Structure
  • Durable Body & Hose
  • 3 Speed Control
  • Metal Wand
  • Durable 2-step Nozzle
  • Washable Cloth Dust Bag
  • Durable Motor with Japan Technology
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Anti-bacteria Filter

Anti-bacteria filter includes Cu (Copper) in the fabric, and it effects strong anti-bacteria power on the filter. The copper in the anti-bacteria filter eliminates odor materials by chemical bonding, helping to keep the filter clean, to improve the quality of your room air and to protect your baby from air pollution.

Quiet Structure

Anti-noise motor shield and double floating motor case ma result in extra quiet operation. This structure especially reduces unpleasant high frequency noise.

Durable Body & Hose

Specially designed durable body and hose bring long-life, high-power operation.

4-Speed Control

Multi-level power control enables you to clean for multiple purposes.

Big Durable 2-step Nozzle

2-step adjustable nozzle can be used for multi-purpose cleaning. In the back, it is equipped with durable metal plate which protects the nozzle from damages.

Washable Cloth Dust Bag

6.2 L Big Capacity reduces the unpleasant dust disposal. It can be washed for hygienic cleaning.

Durable Motor with Japan Technology

Max.1700W high power motor is specially developed with Japanese technology. This super engine passed several exacting quality tests and provides you with durable and high performance.

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Input Power(Max.)     1700W
Dust Bag Capacity     6.2 L
Washable Cloth Dust Bag     Y
Power Control     3-Buttons
Extension Wand     Metal x 2
Handle     Saber
Floor Nozzle     Deluxe 2-step Nozzle
Weight (with accessories)     -
Colour     Red
Filter     Anti-Bacteria
Blower Operation     Y
Quiet-running Body Structure (JIS Standard)     Y
Full Dust Indicator     -
Accessories     3 on board (Crevice/Upholstery/Dusting)
Stand-by Strage     Y
Park-Position Stand     Y
Hose     Durable Hose
Country of Origin     Made in Japan

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