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# Washing capacity : 8kg
# New Shower Rinse
# Dancing Water Flow
# Aquabeat Wash
# Twin Scrub Washboard
# 7 Programmed Courses

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New Shower Rinse

Conventional soak rinse method was changed to the shower rinse method which can saves more water and more environmental friendly.

Dancing Water Flow

Effective cleaning power created through a unique rotating water flow system that combines strong and weak water flow. Strong water flow and squeezing effect can be generated through controlling the pulsator rotation speed.

Aquabeat Wash

More powerful water flow than ever before penetrates deep into fibers to beat out ingrained dirt. Working together with Panasonic&s innovative Foam Wash, this removes stubborn stains for fresh, clean washing every time.

Auto Power Off

Panasonic Washing machine save energy by turn off the power automatically once the programme has finished.

Twin Lint Filter

Twin lint filter removes lint during washing to prevent them adhering to clothes for a cleaner finish.

Air Dry

High-speed spin and powerful air flow thoroughly blow off moisture to shorten drying time.

Semi-auto restart

Even after a power interruption and when the power resumes, all previous settings will be restart just by pressing the power and start button.

Delay Start up to 24 hrs

Washing start time can be delay by setting the time for the washing to finish. Setting can be up to 24 hours.

Digital Control Panel and Transparent Lid

The digital control panel and transparent lid make washing more convenient and gives your washer a high-tech image.

Child Lock

This keeps the door locked so child can&t accidentally open it while the machine is running.

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