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  • 64' PLASMA
  • FULL HD 1920X1080P
  • 600HZ
  • 2,000,000:1
  • 3 HDMI
  • DLNA
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Crisp, Clear Moving Pictures
600Hz Sub-field Drive
Panasonic uses its own unique image-analysis technology. This technology
converts the motion in each scene into data, and each frame is virtually
displayed in a shorter length of time than in previous 600Hz systems, to
create crisp images. *When using Cinema mode.





















Even Faster Images Are More Precise
Full-HD Resolution Speed of 1,200 pps
Full-HD Resolution Speed, the new standard for moving picture measurement announced by the Advanced PDP Development Center Corporation (APDC), indicates the maximum moving picture speed that can be enjoyed with full-HD resolution. VIERA achieved 1,200 pps (pixels per second) under this new standard. Even images that scroll left or right at the extremely high speed of 1,200 pps are able to correctly display the maximum resolution of 1,080 lines.


















Complete Colour Reproduction with No Blind Angles
Wide Colour Viewing Angle
No matter where you sit in the room, you see breathtaking images with spectacular colours. Plasma TVs are self-illuminating, so images look beautiful from any angle. Black areas do not fade, and colours look virtually the same from every point in the room.
* Measured using an index for evaluating colour viewing angle developed by the Advanced PDP Development Centre Corporation (APDC). This ensures that you will enjoy exceptional viewing quality even in the largest living rooms.

















Precise Image Enhancer
Resolution Enhancer
The Resolution Enhancer function restores the fine definition and detail that are inherently part of the image but sometimes lost in reproduction. Each area within the image frame is digitally processed for optimum quality. This process up-converts standard-definition images – such as those from TV broadcasts and DVDs – to a level approaching full-HD.
*Only the VT, ST and U Series














Ultimate Colour Expression
VIERA models with x.v.Colour compatibility reproduce all of the vibrant colour in images recorded by wide x.v.Colour gamut compatible camcorders. These rich, vivid images are a feast for the eyes.





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 Integrated Tuners :   World 17-System
 Teletext Reception :   1000P Level 2.5, FASTEXT/LIST/TOP
 Screen Size :   46" (117 cm) diagonal
 Panel   : G14 Progressive Full-HD Plasma Display Panel with Tough Panel
 Fast Switching Phosphor  :  Y
 Filter  :  —
 Viewing Angle   : Viewing Angle Free
 Resolution :   Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9)
 Applicable PC signals :   VGA, WVGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 1920 x 1080
 Applicable Scanning Format:  Full-HD    1125p (50/60/24, HDMI), 1125i (50/60)
                                           HD    750p (50/60)
                                           SD    625p (50), 525p (60), 625i (50), 525i (60)
 Contrast Ratio (in dark surroundings)  :  2,000,000:1 Native
 Moving Picture Resolution :   900 lines
 600 Hz Sub-Field Drive :   Y
 24p Smooth Film/Playback :    24p Playback
 Shades of Gradation :   6,144 equivalent steps of gradation
 Deep Colour (10/12-bit) :   —
 x.v. Colour  :  Y
 THX Mode :   —
 isf Mode :   —
 Resolution Enhancer  :  Y
 3D Colour Management :   —
 Picture Mode :   Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Game
 3D Panel  : 
 3D 24p Film Display/Smooth Film  : 
 2D/3D Conversion :   —
 3D Image Viewer :   —
 Dedicated 3D Eyewear  :  —
 Speakers :   2 x 10 watt 2 Speakers
 Sound Mode :   Music/Speech/User
 Virtual Surround :   V-Audio Surround
 Dolby Digital/dts:    Dolby Digital
 VIERA Image Viewer :(SD Card input/USB)    Y (AVCHD/SD-VIDEO/Motion JPEG [Lumix]/MP4 [Xacti]/DivX HD/WMV/MKV/JPEG/MP3/AAC/WMA playback)
 USB :   2 (side); Mass Storage/Keyboard/WiFi
 HDMI Input :   3 (1 side, 2 rear)
 Support Feature:    Audio Return Channel (Input 2)
 Composite Video Input  :  AV1/2: RCA phono type (1 side, 1 rear)
 Component Video Input :   RCA phono type [Y , PB/CB, PR/CR]  (1 set rear)
 Audio Input :(for HDMI, Composite, Component, PC)    RCA phono type (1 set side, 2 sets rear)
 PC Input  :  Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (rear)
 LAN Port :   Y
 Analogue Audio Out  :  RCA phono type (rear)
 Digital Audio Output :(Optical)    1 (rear)
 Headphone Jack :   1 (side)
 VIERA Connect :   —
 Easy IPTV: (Facebook/Shoutcast)    Y
 VIERA Tools :   Y
 DLNA :   Y
 VIERA Link  :  Y (HDAVI Control 5)
 Wireless LAN Adaptor :   WiFi Ready
 Multi Window  :  PAT
 Eco Navigation :   Y
 Game Mode  ;  Y
 Off Timer :   Y
 Child Lock  :  Y
 Power Save Mode  :   Y
 Power Supply  :  AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
 Rated Power Consumption   : 300 W
 Standby Power Consumption:    0.4 W
 Dimensions :(W x H x D) (w/o stand)    1,126 x 703 x 93 mm
 Dimensions: (W x H x D) (with stand)    1,126 x 737 x 324 mm
 Weight :(w/o stand)    26.5 kg
 Weight :(with stand)    30.5 kg
 Swivel Angle :   —
 One-Sheet-of-Glass Design  : 
 Wall Bracket :   TY-WK4P1RW

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