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  •  42'PLASMA 3D
  • FULL HD 1920X1080P
  • 600HZ
  • 5,000,000:1
  • 4 HDMI


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Enjoy the Ultimate 3D Experience
Active Shutter Progressive 3D Method

The display alternately shows images for the left and right eyes. The left and right lenses of the eyewear open and close in sync with this display timing to show separate images to the left and right eyes. By repeating this action at high speed, the brain perceives 3D images. And because this method displays FULL HD 3D images just as they are, both eyes receive 3D images in high, full-HD quality.


* 3D Eyewear is required for viewing 3D images.
Panasonic 'FULL HD 3D' is defined as follows:

    * Compatible with 1,080p 3D signal
    * Panel has native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080p display
































Deeper Blacks Even in Bright Rooms
Infinite Black Pro

Enhancements to the panel and cells help reproduce images with smooth, natural gradation and deep, rich blacks - even when viewed in bright surroundings. In movies, the true, deep blacks faithfully convey the intent of the filmmakers, adding power and realism to the viewing experience.





























Expressive, Lifelike Colors
Vivid Color Creation

The brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness of colors are finely compensated in each scene. Highly vivid colors are produced with hardly any mutual interference. People's faces are also detected, and skin tones are beautifully corrected to ensure soft, natural complexions*.

* Only for the VT, GT Series of Plasma TVs and WT Series of LCD TVs.




















Movie Content with Smooth Playback
3D 24p Cinema Smoother

Enjoy naturally flowing 24p films and familiar TV-like quality. In plasma displays, increasing the number of frames creates smoother images. When reproducing images from a 24p film source, VIERA's 24p cinema smoother function generates smooth, natural-looking images.



















A New TV Sound Experience
3D Real Sound with 8-Train Speakers
Speaker System
8-Train Speakers

Eight dome-type microspeakers with reflectors deliver wide-ranging, high-quality sound. Only about 8 mm thick, these compact units also contribute to the beauty of the narrow-edge design.

Super Slim Sub-Woofer

The sub-woofer, which is mounted to the rear surface of the panel, delivers robust bass sounds. Its super slim design, with a thickness of only 22 mm, helps to keep the entire display attractively thin.
























Sound Lifting Driver

Original Panasonic acoustic-field compensation technology produces highly accurate sound imaging. Matched to human auditory characteristics, the frequency for the bandwidth in which the sound is located is adjusted and the optimal compensation is applied.

























Neat and Comfortable Wireless Internet Connection
WiFi Built-In

It is easy to connect to the internet or a home network by using the WiFi Built-In function. There is no need for cords or cables, so the layout is flexible and the room stays neat and uncluttered. Using a wireless connection for VIERA Connect and employing the DLNA function make it easy to share photos and movies.

* A wireless LAN environment is required to use the WiFi Built-In function.
























A Home Network Linking the Entire House

A DLNA-compatible VIERA makes network connection super easy. It makes content easy to share by linking equipment over a home network. Enjoy photos, movies, music and more in the living room, bedroom, or any room in the house.

































Years of Beautiful Images
Long Panel Life

One important way consumers can protect the environment is by choosing high-quality products and taking care of them so they last for a longs time. A high-quality VIERA HDTV can help. Thanks to a newly designed phosphor process and rear panel process, our plasma panels last for up to 100,000 hours before the brightness decreases by half. That's more than 30 years of viewing 8 hours a day.

* This measurement is based on the time taken for the brightness of the panel to reduce to half of its maximum level. The time taken to reach this level may vary depending on the image content and the environment where the TV is used. Image retention and malfunctions are not taken into account.











Buy on JOD: 1 199.00

 Integrated Tuners :   World 17-System

 Teletext Reception:    2000P Level 2.5, FASTEXT/LIST/TOP
 Screen Size:              42" (106 cm) diagonal

 Panel :   G14 Progressive Full-HD NeoPlasma

 Fast Switching Phosphor :    Y

 FilteR: High Contrast Filter (AR Filter)

 Viewing Angle :   Viewing Angle Free

 Resolution  :    Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 (16:9)

 Applicable PC signals :   VGA, WVGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 1920 x 1080

 Applicable Scanning Format:   Full-HD    1125p (50/60/24, HDMI), 1125i (50/60)
                                           HD    750p (50/60)
                                           SD    625p (50), 525p (60), 625i (50), 525i (60)

 Contrast Ratio :  (in dark surroundings)    Infinite Black Pro (5,000,000:1 Native)

 Moving Picture Resolution   : 1080 lines

 600 Hz Sub-Field Drive   : Y

 24p Smooth Film/Playback  :  24p Smooth Film/Playback

 Shades of Gradation :   6,144 equivalent steps of gradation

 Deep Colour (10/12-bit)  :  Y

 x.v. Colour  :  Y

 THX Mode :  

 isf Mode :   —

 Resolution Enhancer :   Y

 3D Colour Management  :  —

 Picture Mode  :  Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Game/Photo
 3D Panel  :  Y

 3D 24p Film Display/Smooth Film :   Y

 2D/3D Conversion  :  Y

 3D Image Viewer   : Y

 Dedicated 3D Eyewear   : 2 included
 Speakers :   2 x 10 watt 2 Speakers

 Sound Mode :   Music/Speech/User

 Virtual Surround :   V-Audio ProSurround
 Dolby Digital/dts  :  DolbyPulse/dts2.0/dts Digital Out
 VIERA Image Viewer: (SD Card input/USB)    Y (AVCHD/SD-VIDEO/Motion JPEG [Lumix]/MP4 [Xacti]/DivXPlusHD/MKV/WMV/JPEG/MPO/MP3/AAC/WMA playback)

 USB    3 (side); Mass Storage/Keyboard/WiFi/Skype Camera

 HDMI Input   : 4 (1 side, 3 rear)

   Support Feature:   Audio Return Channel (Input 2)

 Composite Video Input  :  AV1/2: RCA phono type (1 side, 1 rear)

 Component Video Input  :  RCA phono type [Y , PB/CB, PR/CR]  (1 set rear)

 Audio Input : (for HDMI, Composite, Component, PC)    RCA phono type (1 set side, 2 sets rear)

 PC Input   : Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (rear)

 LAN Port  :  Y

 Analogue Audio Out :   RCA phono type (rear)

 Digital Audio Output:  (Optical)    1 (rear)

 Headphone Jack :   1 (side)
 VIERA Connect  :  Y

 Easy IPTV (Facebook/Shoutcast)  :  —

 VIERA Tools :   Y

 DLNA :   Y

 VIERA Link   : Y (HDAVI Control 5)

 Wireless LAN Adaptor :   WiFi Ready

 Multi Window  :  PAT

 Eco Navigation  :  Y

 Game Mode  :  Y

 Off Timer :  Y

 Child Lock:   Y
 Power Save Mode  :   Y

 Power Supply  :  AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

 Rated Power Consumption   : 300 W

 Standby Power Consumption  :  0.3 W

 Dimensions :(W x H x D) (w/o stand)    1,020 x 640 x 69 mm (Panel depth: 42 mm)
 Dimensions :(W x H x D) (with stand)    1,020 x 675 x 320 mm
 Weight (w/o stand)  :  19.5 kg
 Weight (with stand)  :  23.0 kg
 Swivel Angle  :  ±15°
 One-Sheet-of-Glass Design  :  —
 Wall Bracket  :  TY-WK4P1RW

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