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  •      Poweful Max. 1900W
  •      The Drum is stronger - New Drum with 3.0mm ditch
  •      Large 20 Liter Dust Capacity
  •      Anti-Bacteria Filter
  •      Cord Length 8.0m
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Anti-Bacterial Filter

Anti-bacterial filter includes "Cu(Copper)" in the fabric, and its effects as a strong anti-bacterial power. The copper in the anti-bacterial filter eliminates material causing the odour by chemical bonding, helping to improve the quality of your room air and protect your baby from air polutions

Buy on JOD: 129.00

Input Power(Max.)     1900 W
Dust Bag Capacity     20 L
Power Control     On/Off
Extension Wand     Metal × 2
Weight (with accessories)     -
Color     Black/Brown
Filter     Anti-Bacteria Filter
Washable Cloth Filter
Blower Operation     -
Full Dust Indicator     -
Accessories     2(crevice & Upholstery brush)
Remarks     2 Step DLX

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