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  • Built-in Zoom Microphone
  • Noise Cut Function
  • Max. Output Power 330mW
  • 21-step Playback Speed Control
  • USB Connectivity to PC
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High Quality Recording

Clear Recording of Target Sound

Strengthened Zoom Microphone
The zooming effect of the zoom mic, which is used to zero in on specific voices, has been enhanced in the frequency range of the human voice. This allows it to suppress unnecessary surrounding sounds and record the target sound. By using the stand that comes with the IC recorder, the sound-collecting ability of the zoom mic on the back of the recorder can be increased to further strengthen the zoom effect.

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Built-in Stereo Microphone     No
Built-in Zoom Microphone     Yes
Capacity of Flash Memory     256MB
Security Function     Yes*1
PC Link Function / USB Terminal     Yes (USB 2.0)
Long Recording Time     Monaural SLP Mode: 70h 50m
Voice     99 files x 4 folders
Music     999 files x 1 folder
Easy Recording Setting     ZOOM, NORMAL, MANUAL
Digital VAS Function     Yes
Recording Modes     XP/LP/SLP
Speed Control     21 steps
Recording Format     MP3*2
Recording Sound (Stereo/Monaural)     Monaural
Ext. MIC.     Yes
Headphone/Earphone     Yes
Built-in Speaker     20mm/8ohms
Standard Accessories
USB Cable     Yes
Output Power     330mW
Battery     AAAx2
Battery Life (for Recording)*3     45h (Monaural SLP mode)
(WxHxD)     Approx. 40.4 x 110.6 x 16.8 mm
(With Batteries)     Approx. 65.0g
(Without Batteries)     Approx. 43.0g

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