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  •       Advanced Inverter Technology  
  •       Ag Clean: 99.9% of Bacteria Inactivation  
  •       The Vegerator
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5-Star Energy Saving Rating
For convenient storage of heavy, space-consuming vegetables, the vegetable case is located in the center where items are easy to see and take out. Panasonic’s Vegerator is a completely new style of refrigerator.
  • Easy to See - The frequently used vegetable case is right at waist height, so you can see all the way to the back.
  • Easy to Get - You can reach the food inside while standing straight up. It&s easy to get even heavy or bulky foods in and out
  • Easy to Arrange - You can do everything in a natural posture, with no bending down. This makes it more efficient to use while cooking.
AG Clean
99.9%* Bacteria Inactivation
Buy on JOD: 600.00
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