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    * "nanoe" purification
    * 3D circulation airflow
    * Composite air filter
    * Super nano-technology deodorizing filter
    * Air quality feedback display
    * Odor / house dust sensor equipped
    * Compact design
    * Weight = 7.6kg
    * Effective area = 40 m2 (436 ft2)
    * Available Colours: While, Silver

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Nanoe Technology

Unleashes powerful ions created from water molecules that have long life, with a wide reach to cover every corner of the room. These nano-sized water originated ions also penetrate into the fabric of curtains and sofas to deodorize and eliminate pollutants.





3D Robot Airflow

Ensures a super sweep even within 30cm above the floor that’s where house dust and allergens float, aggravating asthma and allergy.





Composite Air Filter
Equipped with an air filter composed of 3 technologies that prevent various types of allergens, viruses, bacteria and mold. It works efficiently up to 10 years.





Especially recommended for common allergy symptoms like:
Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis, Rhinorrhea, Allergic people (allergy to pollen or dust etc.)

Buy on JOD: 299.00

Power Consumption (W)    
12 (Low) 16 (Medium) 24 (High) 70 (Super)
    Air Volume (m3/min)    
1 (Low)  2 (Medium) 3 (High) 5.1 (Super)
    Noise [dB(A)]    
18 (Low)  29 (Medium) 39(High) 52 (Super)
    Operation Mode    
Auto / Manual (4-level)
    Suggested Composite Filter lifetime (Years)    
    Suggested Deodorizing Filter lifetime (Years)    
    Deodorizing Method    
Super nano-Tech Deodorizng
    Effective Area [ft2] / [m2]    
436 /40
    Dimension - H x W x D [mm]    
620 X 300 X 210
    Net Weight [kg]    
 Filter Types
    Composite Filter    
F-ZXCP50X with 10 years lifetime
    Deodorizing Filter    
F-ZXCD50X with 7 years lifetime
    Deodorizing Filter    
*lifetime changesdepending on the usage situation
 Filter Cleaning Method
    Composite Filter    
Vacuum Cleaner
Deodorizing Filter    

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