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# Advanced+Plus e-ion Air Purifying System
# SUPER Alleru-Buster Filter
# Odour-Removing Function
# Removable, Washable Panel
# ECONAVI Dual Sensor
# Quiet Mode
# Powerful Mode
# Soft Dry Operation Mode
# Wide & Long Airflow Vane
# Personal Airflow Creation
# Auto Changeover Mode (Heat pump)
# Automatic Operation Mode (Cooling)
# Hot Start Control
# 24-Hour ON & OFF Real Setting Timer
# Random Auto Restart (32 Restart Patterns)
# Blue Fin Condenser

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Air Conditioner Settings when ECONAVI dual sensor is Activated: 


Sensor Structure

An infrared sensor detects people's movements. When an object with a temperature that is different from the ambient temperature moves inside the detection area, the sensor detects the resulting change.



This high precision sensor analyses and judges the detected infrared ray reaction.










This optimal design directs#the infrared rays from the#entire room to the sensor.
ECONAVI dual sensor is only applicable to Deluxe model.



Coverage Capabilities
ECONAVI dual sensor covers a wider area due to its improved area detection function.

                    The entire room is divided into 3 detection areas





A Panasonic air conditioner can purify the air as it cools or heats!


Panasonic air conditioners come with an in-built air purifying system. Whether the air conditioner is switched on or off, one touch of a button activates the function. As soon as the Patrol Sensor detects the level of dust particles in the air has reached an unhealthy level, e-ions are released to clean the air of dust and harmful micro-organisms – so you can breathe easy in a cleaner and healthier environment!

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