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presidentSince the founding of our company in 1918, we have been carrying out all our business activities following our management philosophy that commits our company to contributing to the improvement of the lives of people and progress in society, and have been providing a wide range of products in the electronics field related to our daily lives.

"Shifting to a sustainable society" has become a matter of great common global concern against a background of deteriorating environmental conditions, worries about resources depletion, rapid growth of developing countries and other issues, and a "green revolution" is taking place worldwide. For the next generation of people around the world, we want to be in the forefront of this "green revolution" in making it take hold in our daily lives. I believe that it is certainly the way of putting our management philosophy into practice in today’s world.

In order to fulfill this commitment, in January 2010, the Panasonic Group announced its aim of becoming the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry. To realize this vision as we move toward 2018, the 100th anniversary of our founding, we will make the "environment" central to all our business activities and strive to integrate environmental contribution with business growth.

More precisely, we will contribute to realizing a sustainable society through two innovations: "green life innovation" for pursuing green lifestyles to enrich people’s lives through our "ideas"; and "green business innovation" for reducing the environmental impact of our business activities to the maximum extent possible and recommending such a business style widely across society. I am confident that the addition of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., which is also a key player in the fields of solar and rechargeable batteries, to our Group will provide a strong momentum toward this end.

Guided by our brand slogan, "Panasonic ideas for life," all Panasonic Group employees will join forces in continuing to present "ideas" that enrich the lives of people around the world and to take up challenges constantly to contribute to a better future for our planet and the progress of society.

We promise to pursue these efforts faithfully.

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